Mystery Stitch

Hey-oh! I’m glad so many of you like the bike pattern. Your kind words, re-posts, and links to the pattern are encouraging. Be on the lookout for pattern shares to be a regular theme around here.

The other night my friend Alina came over for a crafty brainstorm session, and I brought out my Japanese embroidery books to share. These are always my favorite source for designs and inspiration. She reminded me of one of my favorite images in the book and asked what stitch was used. I told her I didn’t know, but I’ve always admired it and wondered what it was.

So I’m asking you stitchy friends, can you name this stitch?

We played around with a few moves, and Alina almost had it. We think it’s a really l-o-o-s-e French knot.  But does it have a name? An official technique? I’d love to know more about it. It’s too lovely not to incorporate it in to more projects, don’t you think? I’m not giving up on figuring this one out. 

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12 responses to “Mystery Stitch

  1. I will be referring to it as "The Lollygag".

  2. I'm on a terrarium kick right now, and this stitch has convinced me that maybe, just maybe I could make EMBROIDERED TERRARIUMS. Thanks for sharing! (I look forward to learning the name!)

  3. Those look like French knots with several extra, loose wraps. I've had my French knots come out looking that that on accident. Wish I'd thought to make use my wonky French knots to make that beautiful tree. 🙂

  4. alex

    I did a similar stitch to represent adipose tissue in a skin diagram. the floss around a pencil and secure with a little seed stitch.

  5. This is such a lovely look! I don't know the name of the stitch (if it has a name!), but I have seen it once before in a beautiful piece on flickr:

  6. Looks like a rosette stitch to me

  7. Ooh. I don't know what it is, but it's pretty. I've never seen a stitch like that before.- Danielle

  8. This very photo was my inspiration for making these buttons: think that it is just french knots made with a large needle. That's what I did to try to replicate it anyway! 🙂

  9. Is that a Peking knot? I believe that you can get that effect by not pulling the loop all the way through.

  10. Hello, looks to me like a chinese seed knot, as it is described in my chinese embroidery book from josiane bertin-guest

  11. well, I flipped through my Encyclopedia of Stitchery and didn't recognize the stitch anywhere. However, I don't think its a french knot, as you tack that down by going up and down through the center. This stitch is deliberately tacked down outside the circles. I think it looks like a chain stitch (lazy daisy like) but with multiple layers. rather than making one loop, you could make multiple loops and then tack them down. That's my 2 cents anyway! It sure does look nice!

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