Mystery Stitch

Hey-oh! I’m glad so many of you like the bike pattern. Your kind words, re-posts, and links to the pattern are encouraging. Be on the lookout for pattern shares to be a regular theme around here.

The other night my friend Alina came over for a crafty brainstorm session, and I brought out my Japanese embroidery books to share. These are always my favorite source for designs and inspiration. She reminded me of one of my favorite images in the book and asked what stitch was used. I told her I didn’t know, but I’ve always admired it and wondered what it was.

So I’m asking you stitchy friends, can you name this stitch?

We played around with a few moves, and Alina almost had it. We think it’s a really l-o-o-s-e French knot.  But does it have a name? An official technique? I’d love to know more about it. It’s too lovely not to incorporate it in to more projects, don’t you think? I’m not giving up on figuring this one out. 

Little Things

Good Friday to you all!

Sometimes it’s the little things that can make a big difference. Take this tea towel I made a few months ago for instance:

It’s a very cute design, but it was just too small for this tea towel, making it questionably cute.

So I finally decided to make the little change that this design has been so desperately needing. I put it in a picture frame!

There, that’s better! Now it’s undoubtedly cute, don’t you think?

Do you love this design? It came from a Japanese embroidery book, ISBN: 4-8347-2498-0


Pear Girl

I finished Pear Girl last night. I adore the design, but I’m not sure I’m crazy about the colors. What do you think?


Apple Girl

Here’s a little something I embroidered yesterday afternoon.

The pattern is from one of my Japanese embroidery books, and I just love her. There are actually 2 other girls with fruit shaped heads that I’m embroidering as well. I will share them as they are completed.

I can’t decide if I want to put the girls in frames, or in wooden embroidery hoops. Any suggestions?


ATC Update – or Spoiler Alert for sh.nava

First off, I don’t know if sh.nava reads my blog, but I did send her a personal message letting her know that pictures of her ATC were posted here, and if she would prefer a surprise she should skip reading this post. ♥

Last month I was browsing for birthday gifts I’d like to have, and sending my husband the links so he’d know that whatever he picked out would be a winner. Well, I stumbled upon a Japanese embroidery book that I didn’t have yet, and I spied storybook characters inside. Be still my stitchy heart!

Of course he did the right thing, and gifted me the book. Thanks again, honey!

With the subject of this ATC swap being fairy tales, and me having a soft spot in my heart for THE WIZARD OF OZ, I now had the perfect pattern source.

This book wastes no time getting to the cuteness. Here’s the first page:

There they are, the Wiz Kids. (Oh, don’t think I’m not still swooning over Peter Pan and the gang!)

These patterns are small enough to accommodate the ATC, but they couldn’t be spaced out so much. After a little tweaking, I got the placement just right.

Since the designs are so small, I only used 3 strands of floss, and primarily used the back stitch everywhere except for the occasional French knot or daisy stitch. In the book’s photo, it looks like the designs were stitched using only 1 strand of floss. Wow.

I’m headed to the post office tomorrow to ship this off to Israel! My ATC will be coming from Australia and I’ll be sure to share it with you when it arrives.

Which fairy tales do you love?