Pimpin’ New Patterns!

I wanted to spread the word about Pimp Stitch’s opening day, which was actually yesterday! The quad has released some really cute embroidery patterns for a totally affordable price of only $3.00! Oh, and there’s no shipping, because they’re emailed to you. EXTRA cool!

All of the patterns are so cute, and picking a favorite seems close to impossible. I was just going to pick one set from each designer, and save the rest for another week, but it’s too hard to decide, so I bought them all! What can I say? I’m a sucker for cute and original hand embroidery patterns.

Head on over to Pimp Stitch, check out the patterns for yourself & show these girls some love.



Puppy Name Update!

We’ve decided to change the puppy’s name from Polly to Pixie! Polly was sounding way to much like “potty”, and it was confusing her for potty training. Plus, we all wanted to instinctively call her something else, so I guess that’s a sign the name isn’t right.

My 10 year old stepdaughter came up with the name Pixie, and we all loved it. I mean, The Pixies is one of our favorite bands, so of course we love it.

On the craft front, I’m planning on starting my submission for the Feeling Stitchy banner contest. I totally planned on starting it the week I read about it, but I am such a procrastinator, it’s ridiculous. Nothing like the pressure of a time crunch to get you motivated.

More to come soon!



This morning we had a very early start, with Darcy waking us up at 5:30am. Toddlers have no regard to days of the week, so we just started the coffee pot extra early.

By 8:00am, we were at our favorite diner, Jimmy’s Egg for breakfast. The portions were huge, so we all ate too much. One the way out I grabbed the Gazette, and immediately opened up to the classifieds with hopes of reading some cheesy and entertaining “missed connections.” There were none to be found this week, so my eyes drifted over to the “Pets” section.

“Beagle / mini water spaniel puppies, 3 to 4 months old, wormed, 1st puppy shots, free to good home.”

I don’t know what came over me, but I gushed about the ad all the way home, and got the family pumped up about the prospect of a new puppy. I called the ad’s number, and the woman who answered said they had 4 puppies left. 1 boy and 3 girls. I got her address, and we set out to meet some puppies.

Our final destination ended up being in the country, at a run down, dirty house. My first thought and I think my first words were, “OH, MY!” We parked the car, and to the right of the driveway were at least 6 pygmy goats. Half were on the ground, and half were on top of their “house.” They were actually pretty cute, but the smell wasn’t.

The lady I spoke with on the phone came out and said she’d be right back with the puppies. One by one they came out, and I wanted to take each one home. Not because it was love at first sight, but because my heart was breaking.

Two of the girl puppies were cowering the entire time we were there, with their tails tuck between their legs, and barely standing up at all. They were all skinny, and covered in fleas. The woman told us, “You can take 2 of ’em if you want to.” I told her I wish we could, but we really only had enough room for one. It was like Sophie’s Choice.

We picked the darkest puppy, with a white stripe on her chest, and headed straight to the dog wash to rid her of as many fleas as we could.

The poor thing was shaking for the next hour. We got her cleaned up, and I picked off more fleas than I could count. We’ve been free and clear of fleas for the past 2 years, but it’s a small price to pay for helping this little girl. We’re planning on taking her to the vet this week for a check up and to start a flea treatment.

She’s been sleeping pretty much the entire day under the kitchen table and chairs. When she does finally get up to walk around, she’s very cautious, keeps her tail tucked, and doesn’t venture far away from her safe spot. This kind of behavior makes me think that she hasn’t been treated kindly, and that breaks my heart. I’m so glad she’s a part of our family now, because I know she will be loved and no one will be mean to her again.

She likes it when I sweet talk to her, because her tail starts wagging like crazy, and she loves to have her big Buddha belly rubbed. Once she warms up to you, she’s as sweet as pie, and soft as silk. She’s a real cuddle bug, and I’m sure the timid temperament will go away after a week or two.

We’ve thrown out several name options today: Lola, Willow, Evie, and Pepper, but I think we’ve finally settled on Polly. We decided to change her name to Pixie! Polly was sound WAY too much like “potty” and it was getting confusing for her.

Pixie and Anna (eee! cute!) aren’t the best of friends yet. Anna was a real toot and growled and barked really loud at Pixie when she was about 3 feet from a Greenies chew. I’m sure that will pass too.

Pixie is laying next to me on the couch as I type this. She’ll be spoiled rotten in no time.

You can see more pictures of Pixie on my Flickr account. ♥


Well, Cross My Stitch!

Today I wanted to share with you two gifts I made for my husband for Father’s Day. He works in tech support, so he’s really turned in to quite the geek. He’s always had that underlying male geekiness, with his love of Star Wars, video games, comics, sci-fi, kung fu movies, you know, all the stuff that make nerds H-O-T.

In the past couple of years he’s really taken to computers, operating systems, and programming, opening a whole new realm of geeky. Let me tell you, it’s awe. some.

I’ve been seeing a lot of really amazing cross stitch projects lately, ranging from cute to cool. Seeing these projects sparked a desire to try some new stitching. I knew I wanted the first project to be computer related, and something he could take to work.

I decided to cross stitch “DAD” in binary code. John had some old computer ram he wasn’t planning on using, so I glued it to a frame, making a perfectly adorkable gift.

Now, keep in mind this was my first cross stitch project in over 15 years, and I pretty much jumped right in without a pattern. I was still in embroidery mode, and used 6 strands of floss, instead of the cross stitch 2 strand standard. With that said, I’m still proud of this little piece, and John really loved it.

Video games seem to be a popular subject in the world of cross stitch, especially the older games, since they are mostly pixel art. This just happens to be perfect, because one of John’s all time favorite video games is Galaga. I searched for some Galaga patterns, and settled on one I found here.

Unfortunately I haven’t framed this one yet, but John didn’t seem to mind. He raved about both of his gifts, but I could tell the Galaga piece was his favorite.

I have to admit, I’ve been on a bit of a cross stitch obsession for the last week. By no means am I replacing embroidery, but with amazing new cross stitch kits just on the horizon, I would like to alternate between embroidery and cross stitch from time to time.

Next week I will share more cross stitch inspirations with you and possibly a new completed project!


Here, Kitty Kitty!

First off, thank you for all the compliments here and on Flickr about the poodle shirt I posted about yesterday.

Second, thanks to Rachel for letting me know that the poodle shirt was mentioned on Craft Gossip yesterday.

What fun! You can check it out here.

Third, I’d like to apologize for a typo in yesterday’s post. I goofed and said the design was from the Julie West patterns, but they are actually from the Lisa Petrucci patterns.

Speaking of the Julie West patterns, I was flipping through the newest BUST magazine on Sunday, and noticed an advert for Sublime Stitching with a few of the example designs I stitched!

I don’t remember the last time I was so excited to see an ad.

Ok, now let’s take a look at that cute little kitty. I embroidered this one first, and was so inspired by the cuteness, I had to keep going, and stitched the poodle.

She’s pretty cute, but the poodle steals my heart.

Next on the t-shirt agenda is embroidering an airplane for Darcy. She’s really obsessed with airplanes and helicopters right now. They’re her favorite things, and she tries to mention them in just about every conversation. When she says “airplane”, it sounds pretty clear, but “helicopter” sounds more like, “ca-ca”. Kids say the darndest things! (Oh yeah, I went there.)

Hey! Check out Rachel’s blog for a sweet screen printed fabric giveaway! Deer, Obama, and E.T., oh my!

Tomorrow I’ll share with you my Father’s Day creations.


French Knot Poodle

I thought I would share with you a shirt I embroidered for my daughter. I finished this last week, but I’m lazy, I mean busy, and I’m just now posting a picture.

I don’t know what my obsession with variegated floss is lately, but I think it was perfect for this project. My daughter really loves it too, and likes to rub her fingers against all the knots. When I showed it to her she said, “AWW, a dog! It’s cute!” Well said.

If you’re feeling inspired, I used the Lisa Petrucci patterns, by Sublime Stitching.

I also embroidered the kitten from the same pattern set on a yellow t-shirt, but I’ve been too “busy” to take pictures of that one. I’ll try to remember to snap a few shots when I take photos of the Father’s Day gift I made for my husband.


Recycled Ring

A couple of weeks ago, I spotted a very clever creation from a Flickr contact. She made a pin cushion ring out of a plastic pull tab that you can find on a carton of soy milk, juice, coffee creamer, etc.

I decided to give it a go, and I must say it’s my new favorite sewing accessory. Not only is it totally functional, it’s fashionable.

Ok, maybe not wear it to the Sex and the City premier fashionable, but pretty cute for sitting at home or riding in the car while stitching.

I decided to wrap the ring with some embroidery floss, and I added a felt circle on the bottom to hide the messy bunching.

Since this is the first time I made one of these, it has a few flaws, but I still love it. (Note to self: Use just a tad bit more stuffing next time.) It’s up there with my organizer.

This is a really great way to put those tiny scraps of your favorite fabrics to use. Plus, you can feel all warm and crunchy for recycling. I like that it’s small enough to go just about anywhere, and would be prefect for travel stitching. Not that I do a lot of traveling, but when the occasion arises, I’ll be prepared.